Colin Percival is discontinuing

On April 11, 2003, FreeBSD Update was committed to the FreeBSD ports tree. This binary security update system, which started out by supporting FreeBSD 4.7-RELEASE and added support for newer releases as they came out, was the topic of a paper I presented at BSDCan’03 and is probably the leading factor behind my becoming a FreeBSD committer and ultimately the FreeBSD Security Officer. For five years, I distributed updates via; but that site has now outlived its purpose, and I have now taken it offline.

Starting with FreeBSD 6.2, FreeBSD Update moved from the ports tree into the FreeBSD base system. Associated with this move, updates are now being built on hardware donated to the FreeBSD project rather than hardware which I personally own; and updates are being distributed via As such, FreeBSD 6.1 was the last FreeBSD release supported via the version of FreeBSD Update in the ports tree and via