In the earlier days, the internet was easy to compare to a real world object: take an onion and at the core are the main tier-1 service providers exchanging data. On the outer layers lie the smaller providers and on the outside the users. But this has been always an inadequate metaphor. An orange with its segments would probably be better. But the actual data draws a completely different picture. The core of the internet is made of about 100 autonomous systems (e.g. Google, AT&T; Worldnet) directly connected to each other that hold together the fabric. The next layer contains around 15,000 peer-connected systems (Those can pass data with-and-forth without having to go through the core.). An additional of 5,000 autonomous systems have only a single connection to the fabric and could therefore be cut off too easily. So what do you now say if asked by your non-tech savvy friends or relatives? – Try the DIMES Visualizer