From the status report June-October 2006:

  • XEN Through a Summer of Code project (f(o)unded by Google) Xen has been ported to FreeBSD. This means that the domU support is finished. Unfortunately, there was not enough time for a dom0 support which is much more anticipated by myself. By the way, Xen announced its update to 3.0.3.
  • ZFS Outside of Solaris, I dare to say that FreeBSD has the most mature support for ZFS, the zeta file system from SUN. Nevertheless there is very much left to do. ZVOL is done (sort of) and ZPL is being worked on. For those like me, who don’t know the innards, there is a source tour available on the Solaris homepage.
  • Linux compatibility As every FreeBSD fan knows, there is a syscall compatibility to the Linux kernel. Default compatibility is with version 2.4.2. In another Summer of Code project, compatibility with version 2.6.16 has been achieved.

The full report can be found here.