To complete the master/slave set up of the apcupsd daemon, we have to configure the slaves. For the slave configuration we start out with a new file, since there are a bunch of changes to be considered: ## apcupsd.conf v1.1 ## UPSCABLE ether UPSTYPE smartups LOCKFILE /var/spool/lock #EVENTSFILE /var/log/ #EVENTSFILEMAX 10 UPSCLASS netslave UPSMODE net NETPORT 6666 MASTER master

  • The UPSCABLE directive tells the apcupsd that there is no USV-cable attached to this machine.
  • Although otherwise stated in the documentation, always use UPSTYPE smartups as the protocol type for the communication.
  • The port number in the NETPORT directive has to be the same as in the configuration file of the master!
  • Analogously to the SLAVE directive in the master configuration, you have to tell the slave his MASTER

After restarting the apcupsd daemons on both the master and the slaves the changes take effect and the eventfile of the master should log the successful connections of the slaves.