Andreas Nemeth
Two R talks from Hadley Wickham Hadley Wickham of ggplot2 fame gave two talks on R. On his recent tour to the Bay Area, Hadley Wickham have two interesting R-related talks, for which video has been made available by Google Tech Talks.
Andreas Nemeth Jun 22, 2011
Sorting algorithms demonstrated with Hungarian folk dance Sorting algorithms demonstrated with Hungarian folk dance. Nothing more to add. We’ve seen sorting algorithms visualized and auralized , but now it’s time to see them through the spirit of Hungarian folk dance. In a series of four videos (so far), folks at Sapientia University in Romania demonstrate how different sorting algorithms work with numbered people dancing around and arranging themselves from least to greatest.
Andreas Nemeth Apr 14, 2011
Cleaning up the mess How to be more organized in web development. Oops, we used the word “organized” in the title. Time to switch off — is probably what many would think. Being organized is a somewhat dull, though important, subject. Perhaps it would help to give it a bit of context. Let’s keep it classy, and imagine we’re building a website for a trendy restaurant / café called “bEat”, catering to the arts community.
Andreas Nemeth Jan 19, 2011
Time savers for web designers Some time saving tips and tricks. Web design community is strong and hard-working. We have plenty of useful resources, tools and services created, developed and released every single day: apart from goodies such as free fonts or icons, there are also many educational resources and little time-savers that can significantly improve designer’s workflow. We permanently look out for the new projects and support them by presenting them on Twitter 1 , Facebook 2 , in our e-mail newsletter 3 and, evidently, in Smashing Magazine’s posts.
Andreas Nemeth Jan 18, 2011
Web typography round-up An extensive list of online typography resources tools and techniques. Web typography has evolved a lot over the last years. Today we see rich, accessible typography, a plethora of type design choices for the web and a number of remarkable, type-based web designs. It’s a great time for web design, and it’s a great time for web typography. Still, being as excited as we are, we should not forget about the foundational principles of good type design on the web and use them properly within our projects.
Andreas Nemeth Nov 16, 2010
40 Excellent Illustrator Tutorials Mastering a vector-based graphic application is an essential skill for web designers. Learning is a process which continues throughout the life of an artist, graphic designer, and illustrator. Along the way, designers find the task of mastering Adobe Illustrator a large obstacle which requires practice and experience in using the vector-based application. Practice comes in the form of Illustrator tutorials, which offer tips, tricks, and artistic styles from other designers who have mastered certain techniques based on their experience.
Andreas Nemeth Sep 23, 2009
This is science This is how science works “When I teach about messenger RNA carrying information from the cell nucleus to sequence enzyme production,” Borass added, “I could care less what you feel about it. I want you to learn it. The issue is how well does theory account for observable phenomena and so far nothing better than evolutionary science has emerged to explain biological processes.”
Andreas Nemeth Oct 1, 2008
Whatever Happened to Patterns? I never was quite into patterns but what does this mean? There’s a discussion on the erlang-questions list about “design patterns” and what those might be for erlang. In the midst of this thread the following statement popped up… “The OTP is a collection of GoF-style patterns for Erlang.” And I had a reaction to the current state of patterns, generally. I think this list, as well as the software community as a whole, has lost sight of the original intent of the “patterns movement”.
Andreas Nemeth Aug 7, 2008